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Imagine a lovingly prepared bowl of sliced sirloin bathed in a stock made from long-simmered beef bones, garlic, lemongrass, ginger and star anise, topped with market-fresh mint, cilantro, tear-inducing chilies, and a few essential drops of fish sauce. Some would call our food simple, and it typically is. But it is never boring. Vietnamese food is one of the freshest, most fragrant cuisines on the planet and it is our passion.

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Asia’s best dishes are found on the streets, at roadside carts and all-night markets. Proprietors purchase everything they need for the day from people they know well. They cook timeless family recipes to order and fill their carts the with day’s brilliant bounty. They sell everything they make and then start again the next day. That’s the inspiration behind Hoang Long — offering the best, freshest and healthiest fare and fulfilling the joy of a good meal for our friends.

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Hoang Long was created at the intersection of traditional taste and modern convenience. We believe it’s a bright spot in our growing downtown for quick, delectable lunches and full-service, casual dinners. Our menu changes seasonally and is prepared by our chefs right before you in our big open kitchen. ‘Grab’N’Go’ offerings provide fresh, flavorsome food for those of you in a real hurry or to share with colleagues at work and family at home. We cater too! Call 780-486-6998 to order party platters for your next meeting at the office, private event or get-together with friends.

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